Senior Executive with extensive acquisition, business development, finance, and investment experience.

Rikki Hunt's Bio:

Rikki Hunt has had 40+ years of business experience, working in regional, national and multi national organisations at the highest level and has led major venture and debt funded management buy-ins

As an Intrepreneur Rikki Hunts corporate acheivements were carachterised by his ability to create effective change quickly and effortlessly, which he did by building strong teams, gaining buy-in to his vision and making it happen. Rikki was recignised by all he worked with as "a people person"

As an Entrepreneur Rikki Hunt has created companies through buy-ins and set up with turnover ranging from £100k to £700m pa. Always changing, adding value and exiting within 5 years.

Rikki has had many wins and during the recent recession a few losses, from which he learns and uses as a base for his next win.

In 2005 Rikki Hunt began entrpreneurial coaching and consulting for executives and owners in both the public & privste sectors.

Rikki has coached, mentored and advised individual executives, teams and whole businesses in Recruitment, Property, Motor, FMCG, Financhial services, Oil, IT and Public sectors, as well as charities. 

Rikki has a strong beleif in voulenteering and has been or is involved in the following;

Chair of the Mitchemp Trust (now Youth Adventure Trust) for almos 20 years.

Held various senior positions with St John Ambulance for 14+ years where he received the honor of "serving brother" of the order of St John of Jeruselem.

For six years held various positions on local and regional businnees organisations and sat on several local boards, all at the invitation of his local council.

Mentors the CEO of Inner Flame

Is a Vice President of the Brain Trust.

Rikki authored "Creating a Thinknig Organization" with world renowned guru and friend Tony Buzan.

Rikki is an avid adventurer having climbed 4 of the 7 sumitts with a personal height best of 8,350 metres on Everest and has skied to the Magnetic North pole twice.

Rikki Hunt's Experience:

  • Rikki Hunt is the founder of Rikki Hunt Associates, which delivers Entrepreneurial Coaching & Consultant to Private & Public Sector. He is also an Author & Speaker at Rikki Hunt Associates

    Rikki Hunt & his team Work with Executives, CEO's and Owners with turnover from £1.5m on Strategy review & Implementation. Creating and monitoring KPI's. Increasing sales, Improving business Performance, Acquisitions, Business Structures, Sale, Culture creation and management.

  • CEO at Digital City (UK) Ltd

    Rikki created a partnership between the public and private sector aimed at crating a wireless town. The plan was to offer a limited free service to all to aid social inclusion, with a full upgrade to a paid service as well as providing a suite of business products. A pilot was implemented and has evolved to a project to introduce a 4G LTE network throughout the town.

  • MD at Fuelforce ltd

    Rikki's Key Achievements Rikki along With RBS Debt Venture purchased 184 Petrol Stations from Conoco Jet and created Fuelforce Ltd, which became the largest independent fuel retailer in the UK, with a turnover of c£700m. In 2005 Mintel listed Fuelforce as the 120th most profitable retailer in Europe delivering 28% return on investment. Rikki Led the syndicating of the original investment to 5 investor banks.

  • MD at Petrol Express Ltd

    Rikki Supported by the VC Alchemy Partners, created Petrol Express through the acquisition of several groups of companies. Rikki Grew the business quickly to £150m turnover generating in excess of 20% return on investment.

  • Director and Chairman at Swindon Town Football Club

    Rikki was Responsible for all employment from Manager and Players to Chief Exec Rikki Represented Club at Football league board level In 1993/4 season became the first club to be promoted to Premier via the Play-Offs after beating Leicester City 4-3

  • CEO at Burmah Petroleum Fuels Ltd

    Rikki Took the company from 3rd in the dealer supply sector to Number 1 in 3 years. *Rikki Won 7 major industry awards spanning best Oil Company, Customer Service, Marketing, and Training & Development initiatives. Burmah Petroleum Fuels Ltd sold at a price which prompted the City to comment " this is a price we never envisaged several years ago"

Rikki Hunt's Education:

  • Brookfield

Rikki Hunt's Interests & Activities:

Neuroscience, Mind Mapping, Memory, Volunteering, Mountaineering, Walking, Trekking , Football, Golf, Music